Dear JavaScript

Some highlights from Medium article Dear JavaScript:

Open source maintainer burnout is a huge problem for any developer community. If the community is truly fatigued by a new set of tools every couple of years, then they need to help us fight this problem. Because in the end, this kind of criticism only ends up hurting the community.

We have a set of problems with our tools; instead of attacking the people who can help us all out the most, why not stand on their side and try helping them out? It doesn’t take much, but many still don’t.

There wasn’t a single productive thing about it. No positive outcomes to be had. It was a group of people ganging up together so they can yell about how frustrated they are for a little while before moving onto the next thing.

I think there is value in learning about technical decisions that other have made and experiencing them first-hand.

Generally, I favor documentation as the thing that needs improving because anything else can be presumptuous.

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